WW1 School Tour


The Western Front - WW1

During the Great War, ‘The Western Front’ was the name given to the trenches, dug outs and rows of barbed wire fences, which spanned a distance more than 400 miles, from the Swiss border to the North Sea.

Your journey to The Western Front will undoubtedly provide your pupils with the tools and foresight required to help them uncover the major battles of WW1, along with the major impact this had on the course of history.

Your journey with us, covering Ypres, the Somme and the Artois region, will provide a surreal and lasting impression of the history of the Western Front.

The importance of a great guide

A knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide is the key component to ensure that your pupils have a fantastic and memorable experience with us. Our guides have been carefully hand­picked and selected for their drive and values, providing an excellent all round service to everyone we work with. Our guides have the wisdom and ability to bring the battlefields to life, encapsulating your pupils with real-life accounts of historical events, feeding their imagination and delivering an authentic and true to life experience along the battlefields of the Western Front.

Your guide can be there with you every step of the way; from the minute you step on the coach. They will take care of all your travel arrangements, and offer a calm and enthusiastic approach, allowing your experience to begin the moment you take your seat. Our guides have been put in place to assist you throughout the tour, relieving the burden of any added pressure, and most importantly, ensuring your pupils get the most out of their tour experience. 


Your excursion will begin with a classroom based exercise, that will provide the foundations for your pupils to bring the history to life. Your pupils will be immersed into a fun and engaging workshop that will allow them to develop their understanding, and broaden their knowledge of the Second World War. These workshops will be specially tailored for your pupils to ensure your specific learning objectives are met.

Your tour can cover:
  • Local soldiers and your local community during WW1
  • Ypres, the Somme, Artois region & Verdun
  • Life in the trenches
  • Who was involved
  • Tactics and key dates
  • How we remember the sacrifice today
Your workshop can cover:
  • Trench life and routine
  • Events leading to the outbreak of war
  • Kit and equipment
  • The Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC): causes of wounds and treatments
  • Lord Kitchener and recruitment
  • The organisation of medical facilities on the Western Front

Our workshops and tour itineraries can be designed with you in mind, to ensure we create the best all round learning experience for your pupils. We feel the best way for your pupils get the most from their experience is to work with you side by side, building the perfect learning experience together.  

We know the industry; you know your pupils – together we can create the perfect package for everyone!

For more on our bespoke tours,workshops and events.


We believe that the accommodation for your students must be in a safe and secure environment where they can unwind and enjoy themselves. Where possible and depending on the destination, we use accommodation that has facilities that are perfect for students to relax, unwind and build great friendships. Our accommodation, depending on availability, can include: bowling alleys, football pitches, pool tables, basketball hoops and a disco.

Why Travel With Esprit?

1.- Pre-tour Presentations / Workshops

Every tour comes with a pre-tour option that is unique to your tour. Our unique characters, musical drama performances or guide lectures will really bring the history to life for your pupils.

2.- Local History Focused/bespoke itinerary

Every tour comes with a pre-tour option that is unique to your tour. Our unique characters, musical drama performances or guide lectures will really bring the history to life for your pupils.

3.- Face-to-face Deign Meeting

Every tour comes with a pre-tour option that is unique to your tour. Our unique characters, musical drama performances or guide lectures will really bring the history to life for your pupils.

4.- Personal Tour Developer

Every tour comes with a pre-tour option that is unique to your tour. Our unique characters, musical drama performances or guide lectures will really bring the history to life for your pupils.

5.- Company Guide Throughout

All our tours, unless agreed prior, will be accompanied by a guide throughout. This ensures that your staff can relax and enjoy the experience just as much as your pupils

6. – Curriculum Based Package

Our Packages are based around the curriculum and age of your group. This can help your students apply their experiences with us to their exams and coursework.

7. – Flexible Tour Timings

You know your pupils better than anyone. This is why we allow for flexible timings to allow your students to get the best experience.

8.-  Help to increase interest

We can help you gather interest in your tour by offering a presentation to pupils and parents before booking so they know exactly what they are paying for.

9.- Free staff places

Our tours include free staff places, which will depend on the size of the group. A typical 49 seat coach will consist of 44 paying students and 5 completely free staff.

10. We focus on your pupils

We always put your pupils first! With you, we want to design a package that is designed exactly the way you want for your pupils. You know your pupils, we know the industry – together we can build something special!

"From the onset, it was a very humbling and unique experience. It involved a diverse group of people young and old– from visually impaired students, sighted children, blind veterans, a poet and a missionary, all of whom were from different walks of life, who all shared this fascinating experience together."

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service Fire Cadets

"The tour was an incredibly well organised trip, which was headed by our tour guide Brian [Esprit Tour Services], who was incredibly knowledgeable and shared many fascinating stories. He was instrumental in making the tour such an emotional journey for many of us.

The fire cadets and myself were very overwhelmed by the experience we had and it will be something that we will cherish forever."

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service Fire Cadets

"He (the guide) did Esprit proud and we would have no hesitation in recommending your tours to anyone interested."

Mr and Mrs Davies

"Ken (WW1 battlefield guide) was the most interesting person we have met in a long time. He was very knowledgeable about everything to do with WW1 and really brought it all to life for us, his explanations of each site we visited was amazing and it was our great pleasure to visit even though we have no known relatives who took part, it was very surreal to learn the facts and figures of the enormous amount of lost lives."

Mr and Mrs Davies

"Thanks so much for the whole WW1 experience last week. Your company was professional from start to finish and it was helpful and engaging that you asked what we were studying to tailor the workshop to exactly what the pupils needed before reading the books. Your company was punctual, efficient and the relationship you built with the kids was lovely to see. It was an exciting hands-on experience that the pupils learnt a lot from. They particularly loved the artefacts and loved being able to touch ‘something real’."

Miss Fallows
Head of Department

"I am just emailing to say thank you very much for today's sessions. The pupils really enjoyed the presentation and were talking about it for the rest of the day."

Miss Seddon
Head of History

"Esprit provided a wonderful World War 1 presentation for St. Michael's on Wyre Primary School. The room was transformed into a WW1 trench, where the children could experience what life was like for the soldiers. There was a wide variety of authentic artefacts for the children to explore, and the knowledge and professional of staff was second to none.

All of the children learned more about life during the conflict and they were keen to ask questions, which were answered expertly. This kind of presentation brings history to life, being engaging and inspiring"

Mrs Brough


We have had an amazing day at school. The children really enjoyed the presentations and have learned so much."

Mrs Brough

"Esprit tours provided an outstanding service for our recent trip to Ypres . The trip planning and consultation pre-tour was meticulous and delivered with military precision …this was much appreciated given our tour was for blind and partially sighted young people and service veterans"

Dr Patterson

"The tour guide, Brian provided wonderful reflections on the Great War, peppered with intriguing and captivating short stories of individual soldiers serving 1914-1918. He demonstrated a deep knowledge, which was thoughtfully matched to the sights of interest chosen to stop at in relation to the needs of our visually impaired group. The flow of information during the journey brought the trip to life for us. It was encouraging to have post –trip visits by Esprit including for our Armistice assembly. Professional, knowledgeable, thoughtful and caring; thank you Esprit"

Dr Patterson